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Store Officers List in RWP

Sl No RUID No Name# Sex Cat. DOB DOITS Lien Designation Mob Off. Rly Off. Phone Office Fax Email Office
1 3285413 AMAL KUMAR SINGH, JAO/IRSS, P-2008 M GN 23/03/66 12/03/09 ER Dy.CMM 7091097691 - 06158272122 - -
2 4504136 SUDHIR MANDAL, SSA/Gr-B, P-N/A M GN 17/03/69 N/A SMM - - - - -
3 302002311527 UDAY SHANKAR, AS/Gr-B, P-N/A M SC 01/06/63 N/A ECR AMM 9771468310 - - - -
# :Name, Grade/Cadre, Ind. Mode-batch

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